Our Story

Braiding the Indian colours with modern aesthetics of culture, Indian Artisan has emerged with the thought of changing the face and value of our craftsmen in India. To bring a change in the world with our sustainable fashion choices and creating a better space.
We at Indian Artisans believe in the art of slow process, where no craftsman has any pressure of creating within deadlines and can work with full efficiency and creativity.


We have blossomy hearts





This is how:
Indian Artisans delicately work in Botanical prints to garden the essence of Prints and the power of their storytelling






This is how we create a user friendly environment for you to ensure that you find what you're actually looking for, 

We create collections

Indian Artisans create spaces for you where you can peek into the world you are looking for.
We have collections for floral prints or abstract prints and many more to make a hassle-free platform for you.

We value art and the efforts of creation, this is how we do it,

Our Hand Painted Collection


Our Artists have carefully painted their hearts onto the fabrics to create a story that you can make your own. Every brushstroke you touch stores an orchestra of feelings and dedication of our Indian Artisans.