Almond House - Badam Ashrafian

Almond House - Badam Ashrafian


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Badam meaning nuts and Ashrafian meaning gold coins are combined to form the royal sweet recipe of Badam Ashrafian. These sweets are a type of sweets made in the marzipan model.


Badam Ashrafian is a mouth melting sweet recipe with a beautiful golden texture. The sweet comes with a rich nutty flavour as these are made with

Almonds, Sugar, Cardamom, Saffran


Almond House is a brand name in the sweets and snacks market of India. The company is known to create unique recipes since 1989. This sweet maker commits purity and tasty as
• The sweets can be gifted in an attractive gift box.
• Fine quality ingredients are used to make sweets.
• The sweets are not made with bare hands.
• The sweets are made at a hygienic environment.
• The shelf life of these sweets are 7 days.


Badam Ashrafian can be kept tasty and fresh for a long time span by following the below tips.
• Refrigerate after the packet is opened.
• Keep the sweets away from extreme sunlight.

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