Bellam Kajjikayalu Or Karanji By Almond House

Bellam Kajjikayalu Or Karanji By Almond House


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Kajjikayalu, also known as Karanji, is an Indian sweet resembling a dumpling, hailing from Andhra Pradesh. In the northern regions, it is widely recognized as Gujiya. These delectable half-moon dumplings feature an outer pastry crafted from plain flour. Commonly referred to as Kajjikaya, the sweet filling consists of dry grated coconut mixed with sugar, and optionally, a touch of cardamom. After being deep-fried, the result is a crispy shell and a soft and sweet filling.


It is made with the best of Refined Flour, Clarified Butter, Spices, Jaggery, Chironji, Almonds, Cardamom, Sesame Seeds


Almond House was founded in 1989. It is a traditional sweet maker from Hyderabad. The sweets from Almond House are perfectly flavored and presentable. Almond House Kajjikayalu

• 100% vegetarian.
• Available in 500 gm/ 1 kg packet.
• Comes with a shelf life of 7 days.
• Can be gift-packed and sent as Diwali/ Raksha Bandhan gifts.


Almond House Kajjikayalu can stay fresh and edible for a long if the following tips are followed.

• Do not refrigerate.
• Store in an airtight container.

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