Almond House - Kaju Butter Scotch Roll

Almond House - Kaju Butter Scotch Roll


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Almond House - Kaju Butterscotch Roll

Kaju butterscotch roll is an exceptional sweet recipe. This is a specially flavoured sweet in which butterscotch is layered over cashew nut roll. Finely ground cashew nut is rolled and wrapped in a beautiful silver varak to form long, cylindrical shaped sweets. The silver varak just does not give the sweet a beautiful look but also keeps the butterscotch layer intact.


This pure ghee kaju butterscotch can easily delight the guests. These sumptuous sweet is a perfect blend of

Cashew, Sugar, Clarified Butter, Cardamom


Almond House is a renowned sweet maker from Andhra Pradesh. A packet of kaju butterscotch roll from Almond House can be an ideal gift on Diwali, Holi, Sankranthi and weddings due to its royal taste and grand look. These sweets

β€’ Have a long shelf life of 7 days.
β€’ Are made with fine cashew nuts and good quality butterscotch.
β€’ Are prepared in a hygienic environment and workers do not touch the ingredients with bare hands.


Kaju butterscotch roll from Almond House can be kept fresh and fine for a long time span by following the below tips.

β€’ Refrigerate the rolls after unsealing the packet.
β€’ Store the sweets in an airtight container.

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