Til Chikki Or Nuvvula Achu By Almond House
Til Chikki Or Nuvvula Achu By Almond House

Til Chikki Or Nuvvula Achu By Almond House


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Sesame Seeds Til Chikki from Almond House sweet shop is a crispy sweet, quite different from the sugar-dipped gulab jamun and rasgulla. Til Chikki are generally available in winters and perfectly serves as snacks for the small hunger pangs.


Til chikki from Almond House is a simple sweet, easy to digest. This sweet is made with-

Sesame Seeds, Jaggery


Til Chikki from Almond House is an awesomely tasty candy sweet. Almond House is a brand sweet maker which makes this Til Chikki so tasty as-

β€’ Good quality sesame seeds are used to make these sweets.
β€’ The sweets have a shelf life of approximately a week.
β€’ The chikki are prepared in a hygienic environment.


Til chikki stays fresh and fine for a long time span when the following tips are followed.

β€’ No need to refrigerate Til chikki.
β€’ Keep the chikki in an airtight container.

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