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Ashta Dasha Hair Oil - Ancient Living


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Ancient Living Ashtadasa Hair oil is a premium blend of eighteen most revered ayurvedic herbs to make your hair healthy and strong. The Sanskrit name for number eighteen is Ashtadasha. Ayurveda identifies various herbs to address different hair concerns. Ancient Living carefully selected eighteen different herbs for their uniqueness and strength to support your hair care program. Thus, Ashtadasa hair oil was born. This unique hair oil is prepared in the Ayurvedic traditional method known asTailaPaka Vidhi under the guidance of experts.The benefits of Himalayan Jatamansi have been well documented in Ayurveda which is known to combat stress. Brahmi, the cerebral herb,recognised as a "Medhya" herb, hasallroundcalming effects while encouraging hair growth. Yashtimadhu preventsaloepiciawhile Mandukaparni prevents greying of hair. Madayantika,BhringrajandNeelipreserve natural hair pigment and shine. Methi, a rich source of protein makes hair strong. Aloe vera which is anti-inflammatory soothes and moisturises the scalp. Rosemary fights dandruff while Thyme has an overall balancing quality. Soothing Ylang ylang relaxes and uplifts. The deep penetrating action of essential oils makes your hair shine with health. TailaPak Vidhi - Ancient Living oils are prepared usingTailapakavidhiwhich is truly an alchemical process of oil preparation as described in Ayurveda. Precious fresh herbs arecleansed, dried and finely ground to a paste using water and boiled in Drava Dravya(water)to extract a highly potent decoction. This decoction is added to coconut base oil known as Sneha Dravya and heated gently over many hours in specially designed containers to allow the moisture content to evaporate.The process is completed after desired consistency of appearance, smell is reached also known asroopa, varna,rasothpathi. The final product is filtered and stored. This process ensures that all the oil and water soluble compounds of the herbs are fully extracted and carefully preserved. This process spans over many days and is performed under the guidance of Ayurvedic experts.

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