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Indigo Powder - Ancient Living


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Ancient Living Organic Indigo Powder is a natural plant-based treatment which gives you a lush black colour when applied over henna treated hair. It has been an important part of Indian Ayurveda as a natural colouring agent. It colours your hair in a herbal manner that causes no damage to the hair follicles, unlike the chemical hair dyes. So, no more worrying about using dyes that cause your hair to fall! Contrastingly, our Neeli powder can stimulate hair growth when used over a period of time. It makes for a natural, healthier alternative that can treat and prevent premature greying in the long run. It proves it's worth as it not only gives you gorgeous black tresses but also conditions them! Our Organic Indigo Powder forms a protective layer around your hair which adds to the hair health. It treats dandruff and other scalp problems, too. So, go ahead and let your hair do the talking for you!


It treats and prevents premature greying.

It can stimulate hair growth and treat baldness.

It fights dandruff and other scalp problems.

It conditions your hair.

It adds shine to the hair and soothes the scalp.

When applied over henna treated hair it gives you a lush black colour. It gives you different shades of brown when mixed with henna in different proportions. It gives you a blue-black colour when applied individually over black hair. So, if you are up for some fun then experiment away with our Organic Indigo Powder!

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