Baidyanath Bhringrajasava


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Baidyanath Bhringrajasava

Baidyanath Bhringrajasava is an ayurvedic formulation, an intake supplement that may help in reducing hair loss, hair greying,  dandruff, hair fall and split ends, bloating, excessive mucus deposits, and supports general wellness. Hair looks shiny. 

Bhringrajasava syrup is good for the skin, and the digestive system boosts energy, rejuvenates the body, and may help in longevity. It combats to improve body metabolism and thereby maintains immunity balance and general wellness.

It is amalgamated with herbs like bhringraj (false daisy) and all the natural ingredients that are used for ages and made with the best traditional ayurvedic approach. However, the benefits are limited and are used as directed by physicians to acquire the whole benefits.

Bhringrajasava Ingredients:

Made from a rich collection of natural and herbal ingredients, this package is made from:

  • Eclipta Alba
  • Piper
  • Haritaki
  • Jaggery
  • Bay leaf
  • Cardamom

Bhringrajasava Benefits:

  • It may strengthens, balances Immunity power, and boosts energy 
  • Bhringrajasava for grey hair
  • It may help reduce hair greying
  • It may reduces bloating and may help to improve digestion
  • It may help in body rejuvenation
  • It may promote hair growth 
  • It may help reduce dandruff
  • may Works better in reducing toothache and cavity related issues
  • It may increase metabolism and thereby maintains general wellness
  • Bhringarajasav for Liver purification

    Directions of Use:

    Take 4 spoonfuls two times a day or as suggested by the doctor.


      1. Are there any side effects of Baidyanath bhringrajasava?

      There are no side effects, however anything, before intake, must be directed by a physician.

      2. What is Bhringrajasava used for?

      Baidyanath Bhringrajasava is an ayurvedic supplement used for seasonal respiratory issues. It is a strong digestive aid that reduces bloating and aids the digestive process.

      3. Is baidyanath Bhringrajasava good for liver?

      It may help in improves liver functioning and increases metabolic rate.

      4. Is Bhringrajasava good for hair?

      This potent formulation of bhringaraj may help in increasing appetite, aiding in digestion, and improving body metabolism. It is also may helpful in boosting stamina and improving the quality and texture of skin and hair.

      5. When should I take Bhringrajasava?

      Take 15 to 25ml of baidyanath bhringrajasava twice a day after food or as suggested by the doctor.

      Package Content: One 450 ml bottle

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