Baidyanath Goodcare Pure Castor Oil


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Baidyanath Goodcare Pure Castor Oil: 50 ml, 100 ml

About This Product:
Goodcare Castor Oil is a natural laxative derived from nature. It relieves muscle strains and inflammation. It’s safe for both pregnant women and children. Castor Oil works great on hair growth by controlling microbial. It’s also good for soothing dry skin and improves skin texture. In case of burns and wounds, Castor Oil application may be effective.

Key ingredients:
  • Errand tel
Errand tel – nature’s goodness from the castor plant. This specific oil is derived from the plant ricinus communis, which is usually found in India, Africa, and south America. This oil is comprised mainly of fatty ricinoleic acid. It acts as a great emollient and smoothens rough and flaky skin. It also may helps in improving hair texture and thickness, thus reducing hair fall.

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