Baidyanath Lodhrasav 450 ML


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Baidyanath Lodhrasav: 450ml

Baidyanath Lodhrasav is known for its multiple health benefits.  It is known to normalize different body functions.


Baidyanath Lodhrasav is enriched with the goodness of natural herbs. The key ingredients in this herbal potent are

• Elav

• Kutki 

• Ajwain

• Chavya

• Lodhra

• Chitrak

• Indraya 

• Vidaga

• Murava

• Kanchur

• Triphala 

• Bhaarangi

• Pushkarmool 

• Kutpatha

• Tagar

• Atis

• Nagkesher

• Indrajava 

• Marich

• Tejpatra

• Motha

• Kutaj

• Dhtaki

• Jaggery


Baidyanath Lodhrasav should be consumed after consulting a physician. Generally, the below steps are followed to have the supplement.

• Have 3 to 6 tablespoon of the tonic

• Mix an equal quantity of water to the tonic 

• Drink the concoction after having food 


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