Bliss Of Earth 100% Pure Organic Sesame Oil


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Bliss Of Earth 100% Pure Organic Sesame Oil

Daily Skin Use: Apply And Massage The Oil Onto The Damp Face And Full Body After A Hot Shower. Leave It For About 10 Minutes, And Then Rub Any Remaining Oil Completely

Skin Care:
Apply Warm Oil To The Skin, And Leave It For Approximately 15 Minutes. Wash The Oil With Warm Water Without Soap For Best Results.
Get Rid Of Lice Β€β€œ Add A Few Drops Of Lavender Oil And Rosemary Oil To Sesame Oil And Apply As Hot Oil On The Scalp.

Massage Oil:
Warm Sesame Oil Till It Is Just As Warm As Water. Apply And Massage It Firmly Into The Skin. Keep The Oil On The Skin For About 15 Β€β€œ 30 Minutes.

Quantity:Β 100 Ml

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