Anjeer Dry Fruit Paan by Dadu&

Anjeer Dry Fruit Paan by Dadu's


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Indulge in Dadu's Anjeer Dry Fruit Pan, where the rich flavours of mithai in India meet the sweet delights of paan shop and paan leaf. Enjoy an irresistible combination of fruits and flavours with each bite, and savour the delicious experience of Dadu's.


The subtle sweetness of figs blend perfectly with the nutty flavour of dry fruits. With ghee oozing from within, this dry fruit pan is simply delectable.

• Ghee

• Sugar

• Anjeer

• Almonds

• Raisins

• Pistachios

• Cashew nuts

• Silver foil (varak)


Dadu’s Anjeer Dry Fruit Pan is a signature sweet dish from the brand. Serve this dessert at the end of a fulfilling meal to surprise the guests.

• Has a long shelf life of 10 days.

• 100% vegetarian and can be served during pooja.

• Made with fresh and high grade dry fruits.


Dadu’s Anjeer Dry Fruit Pan can stay fresh, soft and delicious for a long time span by following the below tips.

• Refrigerate the sweets.

• Store in an airtight container.

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