Goodness Farm Jowar Flakes/Sorghum Flakes


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Goodness Farm Jowar Flakes/Sorghum Flakes

About The Product:

Millet Flakes Are A Type Of Cereal Product Made From Millet Grains That Have Been Processed To Produce Flattened, Flaky Pieces. The Process Of Making Millet Flakes Typically Involves Several Steps, Including:
  • Cleaning: The Whole Millet Grains Are First Cleaned To Remove Any Impurities.
  • Dehulling: The Outer Layer Of The Millet Grain, Known As The Hull Or Husk, Is Removed Using A Dehulling Machine.
  • Soaking: The Cleaned Millets Are Soaked In Water To Reduce The Anti-Nutrients.
  • Sprouting: The Soaked Millets Are Germinated Under Proper Conditions. (This Process Involved Is What Makes Goodness Farm’S Millet Flakes Unique, A First-Of-Its-Kind That Is Patented Recognised For Its Imperative Nutritional Profile)
  • Drying And Roasting: The Sprouted Millets Are Solar-Dried And Gently Roasted In Uruli.
  • Flaking: The Millets Are Passed Through A Roller Mill To Flatten Them Into Flakes.
  • Drying: The Millet Flakes Are Then Oven Dried To Reduce Their Moisture Content And Improve Their Shelf Life.
  • Packaging: The Dried Millet Flakes Are Packed Into Bags Or Containers For Storage And Distribution.
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