Health Sutra Jowar Flakes


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Health Sutra Jowar Flakes, Tasty Breakfast Cereal, Herbal, 250Gm

Health Sutra Jowar Flakes Is A Highly Nutritious Breakfast Cereal. It Is Also Called Poha.

Form: Solid

Colour: Yellow

Type: Breakfast Cereal

Gender: Both Men And Womenâ 

Suitable For: Both Children And Adultsâ 

Package Content: 250Gm In An Airtight Packetâ 


Health Sutra Jowar Flakes Is Made With Millets. The Key Ingredient Is Sorghum(Jowar/Jonna).

100 Grams Of Health Sutra Jowar Flakes Contains

€¢ Protein- 9.1Gm

€¢ Total Fat- 1.9Gm

€¢ Sodium- 20.7Gm

€¢ Calories- 365.3Kcal

€¢ Dietary Fibre- 8.8Gm

€¢ Carbohydrates- 78.7Gm


Health Sutra Jowar Flakes Is A Type Of Millet. It Is Considered As A Super Grain And Has Been Used Across India For Hundreds Of Years. Jowar Offers The Benefits Of Whole Grains. 

€¢ Is Low In Fat

€¢ Strengthens Bones And Muscles

€¢ Is Enriched In Antioxidants, Fiber, Calcium, Minerals, Proteins And Traces Of Vitamins


Health Sutra Jowar Flakes Are One Of The Best Breakfast Cereals Made In India. The Product Is Manufactured By Fountain Head Foods. It


€¢ Comes With A Shelf Life Of 6 Months From The Date Of Manufactureâ 

Direction To Use

€¢ The Most Popular Way To Prepare Health Sutra Jowar Flakes Is Poha. Heat 1 Tablespoon Of Edible Oil. Add Seasoning Grains And Vegetables To The Oil. After Frying The Vegetables, Add Jowar Flakes To The Kadai. Sprinkle Water If Needed. Cook On Medium Flame. Put On The Lid For 2 Minutes. Garnish With Curry Leaves And Nuts. Serve Hot. 

€¢ Health Sutra Jowar Flakes Can Be Used As Breakfast Cereal. Add The Flakes To Warm Milk. Mix Honey Or Sugar For Sweetness.


Health Sutra Jowar Flakes Stays Fresh And Edible For Long If The Below Tips Are Followed.

€¢ Store At A Cool And Dry Place

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