Mithaiwala Bombay Halwa


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Mithaiwala Bombay Halwa

Halwa Is One Of The Most Varied Indian Dessert Items. Among All The Varieties This Bombay Halwa Brings The Unique Maharashtrian Flavour In Your Food, Wherever You May Be.

Bombay Halwa Ingredients:

Also Known As Bombay Karachi Halwa, This Dessert Is Made From

€¢ Ghee

€¢ Sugar

€¢ Corn Flour

€¢ Sliced Dry Fruits

€¢ Cardamom Powder

€¢ Orange Food Colour

While Corn Flour Provides A Chewy Texture To The Halwa, Cardamom Powder Gifts It An Exotic Aroma; The Halwa Looks Flashy In Its Orange Hue, Making It A Tasty And Attractive Decoration To The Pooja Plate During Festivities Like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi And Navaratri.


Mithaiwala, The Branded Sweet Maker From India Ensures That You Get Mouth-Melting Bombay Halwa Right At Your Doorsteps By

€¢ Freshly Chopped Dry Fruits

€¢ Using High-Quality Ingredients

€¢ Food Colour Devoid Of Any Chemicals

€¢ Available In Beautiful Square Shapes So That Sharing Is Easy.

€¢ Transparent To The Right Category Providing An Enticing Look.

€¢ Offered In Attractive Sweet Boxes Which Makes It An Ideal Gift Item.


€¢ Store In An Airtight Container.

€¢ Refrigerate For A Long Shelf Life.

Shelf Life: 7 Days

Pieces Per(Kg) - 25 Approx.

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