Mithaiwala Kesar Peda


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Mithaiwala Kesar Peda

Soft And Mouth Melting Blend Of Ghee &Amp; Milk, Festive Special, Available In 500Gm, 1Kg &Amp; 2Kg Packets

Spherical With A Wave Of Bright Yellow Color, These Kesar Peda From Mithaiwala Is A Twist To The Classic Doodh Peda. The Bright Looks Make These Sweets Ideal To Be Served On Festivities, Weddings And Anniversaries.


Mithaiwala Kesar Peda Is A Combination Of Fresh And Fine Ingredients Which Includeâ 

€¢ Butter

€¢ Pistachios

€¢ Milk Powder

€¢ Milk With Fat

€¢ Saffron Strands

€¢ Condensed Milk

€¢ Powdered Sugar


Mithaiwala Kesar Peda Is A Classic Indian Dessert Recipe From The World-Famous Sweet Makers. These Peda Are So Special Because

€¢ These Are Made From The Best Ingredients And Offer Awesome Taste.

€¢ These Peda Are Garnished With Pistachios And Is A Bit Grainy In Taste.

€¢ These Are Available In 500Gm, 1Kg &Amp; 2Kg Packets.

€¢ These Are Grand In Taste And Looks, So They Can Be Gifted On Occasions.

€¢ The Peda Are Available In Attractive Gift Boxes That Can Be Directly Sent To The Recipient Address.


Mithaiwala Kesar Peda Can Be Kept Fresh And Delectable For A Long Time By Following The Below Tips.

€¢ Store The Kesar Peda In Airtight Containers.

€¢ You Need Not Refrigerate These Durable Sweets.

Shelf Life: 7 Days

Pieces Per(Kg) - 20 Approx.

Legal Disclaimer: The Product Is Guaranteed To Be 100% Genuine. Product Images Are For Illustrative Purposes Only. Images/Packaging/ Labels May Vary From Time To Time Due To Changes Made By The Manufacturer'S Manufacturing Batch And Location. The Product Description Is For Information Purposes Only And May Contain Additional Ingredients.

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