Mithaiwala Milk Mysoor Pak


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Mithaiwala Milk Mysoor Pak

Originated In The Royal Kitchen Of Mysore Palace, Mysore Pak Is Sweet Which Matches The Grandeur Of Regal India. The Most Striking Feature Of This Rectangular-Shaped Sweet Is, Though It Is Made With Ghee When Does Not Have Traces Of Ghee Over It And Also Does Not Release Ghee When Eaten.


Mithaiwala Mysore Pak Is Just Not Mouth-Melting In Taste But Also Has A Subtly Sweet Aroma. The Sweet Is Made From

€¢ Milk

€¢ Ghee

€¢ Sugar

€¢ Baking Soda

€¢ Chickpea Flourâ 


Mysore Pak From Mithaiwala Is A Signature Sweet Dish Recipe. The Golden Hue And Rich Texture Of Mysore Pak Makes It As An Ideal Gift On Diwali, Anniversaries And Weddings. Mithaiwala Mysore Pak Is

€¢ Hard And Porous On The Surface, Making It Durable.

€¢ Long-Lasting And Has A Shelf Life Ofâ 

€¢ Made With Fresh And Fine Quality Ingredients.

€¢ Available In 500Gm, 1Kg &Amp; 2Kg Sweet Boxes.

€¢ Available In Attractive Gift Wraps Along With Personalized Gift Messages.


Retain The Freshness Of This Ghee-Infused Fudge Mysore Pak By Following The Below Tips.

€¢ Do Not Refrigerate The Mysore Pak.

€¢ Keep The Sweets In An Airtight Container.

Shelf Life: 7 Days

Pieces Per(Kg) - 25 Approx.

Legal Disclaimer: The Product Is Guaranteed To Be 100% Genuine. Product Images Are For Illustrative Purposes Only. Images/Packaging/ Labels May Vary From Time To Time Due To Changes Made By The Manufacturer'S Manufacturing Batch And Location. The Product Description Is For Information Purposes Only And May Contain Additional Ingredients.

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