Pulla Reddy Kalakhand


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Pulla Reddy Kalakhand

  • G.Pulla Reddy Kalakhand, Ideal Gift On Festivities, Less Sugary, Available In 500 Gm, 1 Kg &Amp; 2 Kg

Kalakand Is A Popular And Traditional Sweet Delicacy From The Desert Land Of Alwar, Rajasthan. The Kalakand Is A Versatile Sweet, Which Is Popular As Offerings Made To The Gods During Religious Occasions. Also, It Is Ideal As A Gift During Special Occasions And Ceremonies.

  • Kalakand From G. Pulla Reddy Is Purely Made From Milk Which Lets Out An Alluring Essence Of Nuts, Cardamom, And Ghee. 
  • It Is Prepared From 100 % Original Food Ingredients And Is Absolutely Safe As It Has No Synthetic Flavors, Coloring Substances, Or Preservatives.
  • It Is Cube-Shaped With A Topping Of Pistachio And Cardamom Slices.
  • It Appears Brownish Due To The Usage Of Condensed Milk Coupled With Saffron And Nuts.
  • The Kalakand From Pulla Reddy Is Available In 500 Gm, 1 Kg, And 2 Kg Packs, 
  • The Sweets Have A Shelf Life Of 3 Days.
  • These Can Be Sent Directly To The Recipient’S Address.


Kalakand Is Prepared With The Help Of The Below Ingredients:

  • Ghee
  • Sugar
  • Paneer
  • Saffronâ 
  • Pistachioâ 
  • Cardamom
  • Rosewater
  • Condensed Milk


Retain The Soft Spongy Texture Of The Milk-Based Kalakand With Its Rich Ghee Essence And Taste By Following The Below Tips:

  • Keep Them In Airtight Jars.
  • Store In A Cool And Dry Place.
  • Refrigerate To Keep The Kalakand Fresh.

Disclaimer: The Product Is Guaranteed To Be 100% Genuine. Product Images Are For Illustrative Purposes Only. Images/Packaging/ Labels May Vary From Time To Time Due To Changes Made By The Manufacturer'S Manufacturing Batch And Location. The Product Description Is For Information Purposes Only And May Contain Additional Ingredients.

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