Roopak Tea Masala Powder
Roopak Tea Masala Powder

Roopak Tea Masala Powder


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Roopak Tea Masala Powder

Available Sizes: 20 Gm And 50 Gm

Tea Masala in India is a perfect companion for a number of occasions to greet guests at home or work along with some quick snacks.

Being one of the sweet, spicy and aromatic beverages, it is also famous for its potential health benefits.


Chinese Star , Fennel , Cinnamon , Ginger , Cloves ,

Green Cardamom, Nutmeg , Mace


  • While boiling your routine tea just add a pinch of Roopak Tea Masala

  • A true blend of richest flavour and perfect aroma to bring all the goodness to a memorable tea time.Β 

  • Enjoy and feel the difference.

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