Slurrp Farm Coconut Sugar


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Slurrp Farm Coconut Sugarâ 

Made From High-Grade Sap Of Flower Buds Of Coconut Palm Trees. Unrefined, Unprocessed And No Additives. An Excellent Natural Replacement To Processed Refined White Sugar And Brown Sugar. Use As A Substitute To Processed Sugars In A 1:1 Ratio. Low Gi - In The Glycemic Index Chart, Coconut Sugar Ranks Just 35 While Regular Table Sugar Ranks Between 60 And 75. 

Perfect Substitute For Refined White Sugar
Made From The Sap Of Coconut Buds
Does Not Add Coconut Flavouring To Food
Zero Preservatives, Artificial Colours Or Flavours
Use In Anything - Milk, Porridge For Little Ones, Tea, Or Desserts

100% Coconut Flower Sugar

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