Teacurry Thyro Herb Tea

Teacurry Thyro Herb Tea


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Teacurry Thyro Herb Tea


  • Teacurry Thyroid Tea or Thyro Herbal tea consists of Poshita variety of Ashwagandha from Harayana, Turmeric Curcumin Longa (premium variety) sourced from farmers in Andhra Pradesh, Glycyrrhiza glabra Liquorice from Punjab, Himalayan Nettle (very rare) from Uttarakhand, Cassia cinnamon from Meghalaya, Mighty Ginger from Orissa, dried chamomile flowers sourced from Himachal Pradesh in form of Matricaria Chamomilla and Natural Flax Seeds (Alsi) from Madhya Pradesh.
Usage:Β Use 1 teabag/ 2g of loose tea/ 2g of Powder daily.

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