Nut Bisticks Biscotti By Almond House

Nut Bisticks Biscotti By Almond House


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The bisticks from Almond House brought to you by Trendia isΒ a unique snack recipe. Neither too salty nor too sweet, the bisticks are loved by people of all ages. These are rectangular in shape and comes with almond toppings.

Also known as almond sticks, the bisticks are made with

Almonds, Refined Flour, Butter, Sugar, Milk Solids

Health Benefits :

The crispy and crunchy taste of bisticks can be an easy option as tiffin for kids and tea-time snacks. This is a healthy snack because of the following reasons.


Almond House is an iconic snack and sweet maker of Hyderabad. Bisticks are a signature product from this confectionary.
β€’ Available in 500 grams packet.
β€’ 100% vegetarian and can be served during pooja occasions.
β€’ Are hygienically made and are available in an easy-to-carry box.
β€’ Available in an airtight container which keeps the snacks crispy for a long time.


Keep the almond sticks or bisticks crunchy and fresh for a long time by
β€’ Storing the bisticks in an airtight container.
β€’ Do not refrigerate and keep away from moisture.

Shelf Life:90 Days

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