Tasty Snacks Chekkinalu By Almond House

Tasty Snacks Chekkinalu By Almond House


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Chekkinalu by the famous India sweet shop 'Almond House' is a mouth-watering snack recipe. This yummy savory can be served with a piping hot cup of tea or coffee. These trendy snacks are shaped as circular rings and are made with rice flour.


Almond House Chekkinalu is an iconic Andhra recipe. It is an assortment of rice and til. This traditional snacks item is made with

Rice Flour, Ajwain, Refined Groundnut Oil, Butter, Green Chilly, Sesame Seeds


Almond House is a renowned sweet and snacks manufacturer from Hyderabad. This sweet house was founded in 1989. The food items from the brand are known for purity, taste, and health. Almond House Chekkinalu

• Is 100% vegetarian.

• Stays fresh for 30 days.

• Is available in 600 grams pack.

• Made with fresh and best quality ingredients.


Almond House Chekkinalu stays fresh and tasty for a long by following the below tips.

• Do not refrigerate.

• Keep in an airtight container.

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