Organic Brown Top Millet


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Organic Brown Top Millet, Relieves From Stomach Related Issues

Organic Brown Top Millet Is A Traditional Cereal. This Is An Ancient Grain. This Mustard Yellow Millet Grain Are Tiny Balls Of Nutrients. Millets Are Considered As The Oldest Form Of Human Food. These Are Small-Seeded Grass(Brown Top Millet Grass).

Ingredients :

Brown Top Millet Is Abundant In Vitamins And Minerals. This Pack Of Organic Brown Top Millet Is 14 Times Fibrous Than Wheat And Rice. It Is Rich In

€¢ Iron

€¢ Zinc

€¢ Gliadin

€¢ Sulphurâ 

€¢ Fluorine

€¢ Potassium

€¢ Magnesium

€¢ Phosphorus

€¢ Antioxidantsâ 

€¢ Nicotinamide

€¢ Pantothenic Acid

€¢ Vitamins B1, B2, B6 And B17


Organic Unpolished Browntop Millet Is A Powerful Package Of Health. Browntop Millet Originated From Karnataka. This Pack Of Organic Cereal

€¢ Is 100% Organic

€¢ Is 100% Vegetarianâ 

€¢ Is 100% Chemical Free

€¢ Comes With A Long Shelf Life Of 6 Months

Direction To Useâ 

Organic Unpolished Brown Top Millet Can Be Use To Prepare Millet Khichidi.


Organic Unpolished Brown Top Millet Can Stay Fresh And Usable For Long In The Following Ways.

€¢ Store At A Cool And Dry Placeâ 

€¢ Keep In An Airtight Container


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