Organic India Revive Sleep Deep


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Organic India Revive Sleep Deep

Revive Sleep Deep - Healthy Sleep Program Formulated by Physicians and Ayurvedic experts, Revive wellness Kits are designed to provide comprehensive support for many key areas of health and wellness.

Revive Sleep Deep delivers a protocol of herbal supplements and infusions that, when taken regularly and combined with lifestyle suggestions, can maximize the healthy sleep support provided by this natural health program.

1. Morning Herbal Infusion: Pour just-boiled water over Tulsi Wellness infusion bag, cover, and steep for 12 minutes before, with, or after breakfast.
2. Take your Morning Herbal Supplements with water at breakfast.
3. Evening Herbal Supplements and Evening Herbal Infusions: Pour just-boiled water over Tulsi Sleep infusion bag, cover, and steep for 12 minutes. Take your Evening Herbal Supplement Pouch with water and your Tulsi Sleep together 60 minutes before bed.
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